It’s mostly a public list of guides and groups of bookmarks for specific topics. Old articles may be modified, it’s more wiki than a blog.

The domain was initially designed for readability but users were still unable to get it over the phone. Now I’m unable to change it due to connected Google Apps and 10 free accounts (now there are not free accounts from Google).


Started with Windows 3.11 and Dune 2 at Intel 486 66MHz 8MB RAM 400Mb HDD.

First-time tuned network to improve Counter-Strike experience at Pentium 400MHz with Riva-TNT and Dial-up connection.

First Windows AD server in 2003 at home PC.

System administrator since 2009 (it was not my primary job responsibility before).

The first production-level application was in 2018 - python bot Xerxes to deploy applications to production as a drop-in replacement for system administrators in deployment chain (it uses exactly same tools exactly same way as system administrators were using at that moment and could be easily disabled to switch back control to system administrators).

Prefer learning new things to repeating the same tasks (machines are better in repeating tasks).

Also, I like riding my bike Honda NV750 Custom ’83.